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About Us

About us

Ariana's Studio Pilates & More  has been created to introduce you to the Pilates method through our knowledge and experience. Pilates iimprove health in general. Through the movement of the body and the flow of exercises, in combination with breathing we come closer to our body. We learn to observe our body, to listen to it and to become aware of it.


With the Pilates method we significantly increase the respiratory capacity and the blood circulation. Through practicing we achieve coordination of body and mind. We help in the correct posture of our body, strengthening the muscles of the torso, while at the  increasing the balance, flexibility and mobility of the muscles and joints.


Pilates methods is for everybody, as it is sa refreshing and safety way of exercising .

At Ariana's Studio Pilates & More   we work with each one individually, according to the needs of his body, but also with the goals that  together set. That is why we undertake a simple daily workout

to maintain good physical health, as well as specialized practice for dancers, athletes, people with musculoskeletal problems, as well as pregnant (prenatal) and postnatal.

The sections are small and can be attended by up to 6 people in each of them.


A basic condition for us is your participation in a pilot course, so that we can evaluate your level together, discuss your health history and together come up with a program that is exclusively for you, so that you can join the appropriate department or design a individual lesson.



Ariana Kangelaridou

Since her young age has been involved in championships and dance. At the age of 3 and up to 11 she was involved in classical dance. At the same time, he was active in the field of Aerobic competition, where he was more actively involved in the field of gymnastics.

At the age of 18 she started doing Latin & European dances professionally.

She holds a Master of DVIDA Rythm & Smooth degree and now has 16 years of experience in teaching Latin & European dances. She now has many entries and distinctions in dance competitions.


In order to develop and improve her performance in dance, and at the same time, her physical health, she decided to include the Pilates method in her daily life as an amateur.

Trained at MK BFS ACADEMY the MK Plilates method by Michael King. She specializes in Matwork Pilates Basic Group, MK Pilates Equipment and MK Pilates Pregnancy. She has also attended BFS Academy seminars on stretching "Stretch your Limits by Nissim Zoares".

Since 2017, she has been professionally involved in the Pilates method. Since then she has collaborated with several studios, in which she practiced the method. She created her own space Ariana's Studio Pilates & More, to share her experience and knowledge.

Vlachopoulou Stavroula
Yoga Instructor

She graduated from the yoga academy of AF Studies, certified by the international organization YOGA ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL India, receiving the Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training degree (200h).


She continued her Yoga training by attending the Agni Yoga Teacher Training program at Hot Yoga Niko Geo.


In addition, he has attended seminars based on Forrest Yoga conducted by Finlay Wilson in Athens as well as the balancing inside out seminar by Antonis Fragakis. 

Stavroula has been working as a Yoga Instructor since 2017.

Konstantinos Papathanasiou
Pilates Instructor
Κωνσταντίνος Παπαθανασίου_Pilates_Instructor.jpg

Graduated from ATEI Thessaloniki - Department of Nutrition & Dietetics in Thessaloniki, with IDTA diploma (International Dance Teachers & Association) specializing in Street Dance.


He continued his education at the school of GRAFTS Hellas, from where he graduated as a Pilates Instructor (Mat & Equipment).

Through his specialized knowledge and experience in the pilates training method, he has helped to restore musculoskeletal conditions as well as in pre &post natal cases with great success.

Contact us

Ariana's Studio

Dodecanisou 9, Pefki, 15121

Tel: 0030- 6936840444



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